Pickable – Now Dating With Anonymity Is Easy-breezy For Women

Imagine a profile with no name, no age, and no photo. And yes, you won’t have to sign-up at all. With the whole new concept of giving women more command over choosing dates, Pickable is redefining the dating experience. With other apps giving control to women to initiate a chat, Pickable also offers women to spark a conversation but by staying anonymous. Men need to wait to get picked.

Now women need not fear friends, colleagues, or family members stumble across their profile. Women can just download the app & immediately start browsing, whereas men need to sign-up & create a profile. The woman behind the idea of this app is Clementine Lalande, launched in 2018, Pickable now has a rapidly growing user base. The Pickable app is easily available on Android & iOS.

How Can Men Create A Profile On Pickable?

Men need to set up a profile to get approached by women. Setting up a profile is simple on Pickable. Just install the app, upload a single photo & enable the app to use your GPS. You won’t need to go through the tedious profile creation process. Just one picture does that all. However, you can add a short bio of yourself under your photo. In less than a minute you can become a “pickable”.

What Does Pickable Offer Its Users?

Once you log in, Pickable will present the profiles of men to women, if they’re interested, they can start a conversation. Men have no idea who’s been looking into their profile. Men can start a conversation only after women like your profile. Pickable encourages simple, location-based dating, putting an end to swiping games.

Let’s Take A Brief Note On The Features Of Pickable

Women get to be anonymous while making the first move

The Pickable app helps women in making their dating life anonymous to the public. With complete anonymity, Pickable allows women to choose the men they like, and send a chat request. Pickable is the only dating app where men don’t get to browse women at all. Men get 24hours once they set up as “Pickable” & wait for the women to make the move.

A streamlined dating for men

Just like women, Pickable has a tailored experience for men as well. Men need to chill out & wait for the chat request. They can choose to continue to chat or wait for more requests to come. With a seamless dashboard, men can see their rank, number of women browsing them, profile views & chat requests.

Real-time updates of women nearby

Pickable’s interface provides men with real-time updates of nearby women who are currently browsing & looking at their pictures. Pickable aims to encourage meeting in person over endlessly messaging on the app. With location-based dating, they can catch up easily & take things ahead.

No unsolicited messages or fake profiles

Pickable helps women get rid of unnecessary exposure, thus making their safety a priority. With a worry-free dating experience, Pickable provides a safe & comfortable platform. No more unwanted attention or fake profiles, just the real ones.

Overall, Pickable is a handy app for putting up yourself online without zero efforts. Now no more swiping, just picking the best.

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