The League- A Secured App For Finding Your Power Match

Tired of fake profiles & terrible dates? There is a highly curated app that caters to a certain class of professionals. With highly curate members, The League is an app for the elites, who don’t want to indulge in mindless swiping. The League was officially launched in June 2014, by Amanda Bradford. To find & socialize with similar individuals, The League is for the ambitious & career-oriented people.

Like Raya, joining The League takes up more effort. Once you set up a profile, you need to allow the app to access your Facebook & LinkedIn accounts. Once you complete your application, The League verifies your eligibility, you can be accepted on the spot, rejected, or waitlisted.

What Makes The League An Elite App?

The League has rebranded the idea of being picky to self-aware. Due to the highly selective membership process, The League guarantees every person you meet is for real. Once you become a full-fledged member, that’s where the fun begins. If you are picky regarding the potential partner’s career & educational background, The League is the best app for you. You can easily download The League on iOS & Android.

Let’s Find Out What Lies Behind The Shiny App

Get connected with the lucky ones with elite matches

The heart of The League is the waitlist. However, if you wish to bypass the waitlist, you can shell out $349 a year membership. Not just this, you need to link your social media accounts. If you have friends using The League app, they can “endorse” you. The app tracks your referral quality too. Once you become a member, you get three daily prospects & send one friend request per day.

Form a club & share your interests

You can join The League groups to interact with the members and meet in real life. The League club is where the members gather & chill out. You can participate in the events organized within the groups. This feature makes you feel a part of a community, surrounded by successful & attractive people.

Building your profile with HD photos

Having an HD, a studio-quality photo is a must for The League. You can upload up to six phots on your profile. The app syncs your employment & education details from linked social media accounts. You can also write a short bio describing yourself. However, editing is available only for League Members.

Speed date with League Live

The new feature of League Live allows you to go live & the app will automatically pair you with a match based on your preferences & location. With League, Live users can get a glimpse of their partner how they look like. It helps in making authentic connections in the digital age.

Broaden your selections with League Tickets

As the number of members is limited, the prospective matches can also be scarce. To utilize the matching services fully, you can purchase League Tickets to broaden your selection. This feature comes with a steep price tag, but the tickets can help you find a perfect match for you.

The League projects itself as a dating app for successful & ambitious people, and it comes with a price tag to enjoy special features. If you wish to meet real people with substantial background, let The League be your wingman.

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