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Develop Real-time Chat App – Erlang vs Ejabberd Which Is Better

Instant Messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate on a real-time basis. With millions of messages being transmitted in a month, the big players like WhatsApp, WeChat Facebook & Viber are dominant in today’s communication market. A unique scripting language, high-performance web server, high-security & other sublime features make them stand apart from other apps.

The Noteworthy features common in the popular real-time chat application is the scripting language, Erlang and the web-server Ejabberd. You can develop a one-to-one chat app with the help of Erlang & Ejabberd.

Let’s dig in to know more about the Erlang & Ejabberd technology:


Developed in 1996 by Ericson Group, Erlang is a functional programming language. With built-in support for concurrency, distributed programming, and fault tolerance, Erlang is available as open source. Erlang is used in most of the places like:

  • Gaming companies
  • Social Media Companies
  • Financial Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Cloud Services Companies

Erlang is the chief programming language used to code WhatsApp. It is known to handle multiple threads at the same time without utilizing double CPU processing power. Erlang is appreciated for its performance, speed, and scalability. Over the years Erlang has gained immense popularity by building highly reliable & scalable services.


Developed in 2002, Ejabberd stands for Erlang Jabber Daemon. It is an XMPP (Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol) programming server which is written using the Erlang programming language. Ejabberd is the most widely used open-source platform by developers. Ejabberd runs on diverse operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

XMPP is the base of any chat app, enabling the user to send real-time messages on the go. With high reliability & sustainability, the Ejabberd server is the widely chosen server by developers. The architecture of Ejabberd includes features like:

  • One to one messaging
  • Group chat
  • Message archives management
  • Store & forward offline messages
  • Message delivery receipts
  • User profiles
  • Contact list
  • Last activity, Privacy settings & many more.

Ejabberd is more than just an XMPP. With unique modular structure & highly versatility, Ejabberd has become a core component for messaging applications to transfer more than just text messages.

Thus, the technical stack of Erlang & Ejabberd is the main source of developing a real-time chat app. With a feasible programming language & efficient server, it becomes easier to operate the chat application with real-time communication.

Real-time Data Streaming

Best APIs To Add Real-time Data Streaming To Your App?

Real-time data streaming is essential for many time-sensitive apps that require quick processing of information. Even a minor delay for a few seconds can alter decisions or postpone the time span for meaningful actions. Consider a situation when someone steals and swipes your credit card, or triggers an offer when you are standing in the checkout line. Such situations require the early detection of fraud to minimize risks. Only by analyzing and combining real-time data, you can take appropriate action at the right time.

Many APIs and services can help to meet the increasing demand for real-time data streaming applications. Such solutions can help you stream real-time data to multiple clients or devices. Client-focused real-time services and APIs can work with a microservice or serverless backend to deliver real-time updates to any app.

Here are Some of the Best APIs and Technologies to Add Real-time Data Streaming to your Applications:

1. Apache Kafka

It is a popular distributed streaming platform that can be used for implementing real-time data-streaming apps and data pipelines. Some of the primary features that make it a perfect choice for implementing real-time data streaming include scalability, fault-tolerance, and speed of data processing.

You can use Apache Kafta to implement real-time data streaming pipelines to reliably exchange the data between applications and to develop real-time data streaming applications to interact with the streams of data.

2. Pubnub

It is a reliable platform to provide real-time services. You can use Pubnub for streaming updates to mobile, web, and IoT applications. It streams data using a publish/ subscribe model that utilizes pre-existing communication patterns of the browser. It has extensive SDKs and integration libraries to enable real-time data streaming for any stack.

3. Fanout/ Pushpin

It is a fantastic real-time API that allows you to push data instantly to any connected devices. It serves as a proxy and works with the backend language. For this reason, you do not require substantial reconfiguration in the inner-workings of your current API.

Unlike many other real-time data streaming providers, Fanout supports API development. It is ideal for developing advanced application controls. You can integrate Fanout with API management tools or use them to manage microservices.

An open-source version of Fanout is available by the name Pushpin. It is a proxy server that allows you to write the backend in any language. It is easy to integrate and works nicely with other languages or frameworks. Therefore, you can use Pushpin with any existing API management services.

4. Pusher

It streams data using a publish/ subscribe model. Pusher has over 30 libraries to ease integration. It has various developer-friendly features for access control and debugging. Unlike Pubnub, Pusher uses WebSockets.

5. Realtime Messaging by

It is a cloud-based message broker for building cross-platform apps requiring real-time communication. A quick-start guide is available for iOS, JavaScript, and Android, along with SDKs for all major platforms. Realtime Messaging supports auto-scaling features as well.


It is a SaaS API-based proxy tool to convert standard API requests and generate resulting streaming API. It acts as a streaming API by serving as a proxy for any HTTP API. In other words, is a realtime cache proxy using which you can poll JSON REST APIs to push updates to connected clients. It maintains a history of any change modifications between pollings.

7. Layer

You can integrate real-time messaging in your apps by using the SDKs, APIs, and UI toolkits of Layer. It provides the necessary tools and managed infrastructure to easily integrate messaging services into the applications. The platform handles everything from servers and encryption to scaling and performance. Layer tools are HIPPA-compliant, support asynchronous, person-to-person messaging as well as business-to-consumer use cases.

Pickable, Pickable Dating App

Pickable – Now Dating With Anonymity Is Easy-breezy For Women

Imagine a profile with no name, no age, and no photo. And yes, you won’t have to sign-up at all. With the whole new concept of giving women more command over choosing dates, Pickable is redefining the dating experience. With other apps giving control to women to initiate a chat, Pickable also offers women to spark a conversation but by staying anonymous. Men need to wait to get picked.

Now women need not fear friends, colleagues, or family members stumble across their profile. Women can just download the app & immediately start browsing, whereas men need to sign-up & create a profile. The woman behind the idea of this app is Clementine Lalande, launched in 2018, Pickable now has a rapidly growing user base. The Pickable app is easily available on Android & iOS.

How Can Men Create A Profile On Pickable?

Men need to set up a profile to get approached by women. Setting up a profile is simple on Pickable. Just install the app, upload a single photo & enable the app to use your GPS. You won’t need to go through the tedious profile creation process. Just one picture does that all. However, you can add a short bio of yourself under your photo. In less than a minute you can become a “pickable”.

What Does Pickable Offer Its Users?

Once you log in, Pickable will present the profiles of men to women, if they’re interested, they can start a conversation. Men have no idea who’s been looking into their profile. Men can start a conversation only after women like your profile. Pickable encourages simple, location-based dating, putting an end to swiping games.

Let’s Take A Brief Note On The Features Of Pickable

Women get to be anonymous while making the first move

The Pickable app helps women in making their dating life anonymous to the public. With complete anonymity, Pickable allows women to choose the men they like, and send a chat request. Pickable is the only dating app where men don’t get to browse women at all. Men get 24hours once they set up as “Pickable” & wait for the women to make the move.

A streamlined dating for men

Just like women, Pickable has a tailored experience for men as well. Men need to chill out & wait for the chat request. They can choose to continue to chat or wait for more requests to come. With a seamless dashboard, men can see their rank, number of women browsing them, profile views & chat requests.

Real-time updates of women nearby

Pickable’s interface provides men with real-time updates of nearby women who are currently browsing & looking at their pictures. Pickable aims to encourage meeting in person over endlessly messaging on the app. With location-based dating, they can catch up easily & take things ahead.

No unsolicited messages or fake profiles

Pickable helps women get rid of unnecessary exposure, thus making their safety a priority. With a worry-free dating experience, Pickable provides a safe & comfortable platform. No more unwanted attention or fake profiles, just the real ones.

Overall, Pickable is a handy app for putting up yourself online without zero efforts. Now no more swiping, just picking the best.

The League, The League Dating App

The League- A Secured App For Finding Your Power Match

Tired of fake profiles & terrible dates? There is a highly curated app that caters to a certain class of professionals. With highly curate members, The League is an app for the elites, who don’t want to indulge in mindless swiping. The League was officially launched in June 2014, by Amanda Bradford. To find & socialize with similar individuals, The League is for the ambitious & career-oriented people.

Like Raya, joining The League takes up more effort. Once you set up a profile, you need to allow the app to access your Facebook & LinkedIn accounts. Once you complete your application, The League verifies your eligibility, you can be accepted on the spot, rejected, or waitlisted.

What Makes The League An Elite App?

The League has rebranded the idea of being picky to self-aware. Due to the highly selective membership process, The League guarantees every person you meet is for real. Once you become a full-fledged member, that’s where the fun begins. If you are picky regarding the potential partner’s career & educational background, The League is the best app for you. You can easily download The League on iOS & Android.

Let’s Find Out What Lies Behind The Shiny App

Get connected with the lucky ones with elite matches

The heart of The League is the waitlist. However, if you wish to bypass the waitlist, you can shell out $349 a year membership. Not just this, you need to link your social media accounts. If you have friends using The League app, they can “endorse” you. The app tracks your referral quality too. Once you become a member, you get three daily prospects & send one friend request per day.

Form a club & share your interests

You can join The League groups to interact with the members and meet in real life. The League club is where the members gather & chill out. You can participate in the events organized within the groups. This feature makes you feel a part of a community, surrounded by successful & attractive people.

Building your profile with HD photos

Having an HD, a studio-quality photo is a must for The League. You can upload up to six phots on your profile. The app syncs your employment & education details from linked social media accounts. You can also write a short bio describing yourself. However, editing is available only for League Members.

Speed date with League Live

The new feature of League Live allows you to go live & the app will automatically pair you with a match based on your preferences & location. With League, Live users can get a glimpse of their partner how they look like. It helps in making authentic connections in the digital age.

Broaden your selections with League Tickets

As the number of members is limited, the prospective matches can also be scarce. To utilize the matching services fully, you can purchase League Tickets to broaden your selection. This feature comes with a steep price tag, but the tickets can help you find a perfect match for you.

The League projects itself as a dating app for successful & ambitious people, and it comes with a price tag to enjoy special features. If you wish to meet real people with substantial background, let The League be your wingman.

Hinge, Hinge Dating App

Hinge – The Trending Dating App For All The Right Reasons

With the innovation in digital dating, grabbing yourself a date has become easier. Instead of spending time swiping endless users based on their appearance, Hinge provides you the right platform that is rooted in finding relationships rather than casual hookups. Founded in 2012, by Justin McLeod, Hinge underwent a huge rebranding in 2015.

Hinge advocates its uses to delete the app once they find a match they can connect with. Hinge doesn’t want its users to spend more time on their app, instead, they want people to get their hands off the app & meet their potential matches. Hinge proudly calls itself an app for building relationships.

What Do People Love About Hinge?

Who says dating from home is impossible? Recently, Hinge launched a new feature, “Date Frome Home” due to the current pandemic, coronavirus. Once both the users agree to have a video call, the app will let them know they’re ready for a date.

Compared to its rival Tinder, Hinge provides you a selected list of matches every day while matching you with Facebook friends of friends. This reduces the chance of getting matched with unwanted people. Scroll down to see what makes Hinge an authentic app for users

Creating A Profile Is A Lot More Than Posting A Photo

you can sign-up on Hinge using a Facebook account or your mobile number. You need to fill up different sections of your profile, this may take a few minutes but it’s essential in finding the best match. Apart from filling in the basic details, you need to mention the gender preference, work, education, your thinking on the provided set of topics. After filling all these details, you can upload a minimum of 6 photos.

Sending A ‘like’ Is Much More Than A Heart Tap Icon

If you like a Hinge user, all you need to do is choose a particular part of the user’s profile that you like, be it a photo or written answer. You can also add a comment with your like too, to start a conversation.

Thorough Profiles With Quirky Elements

The user profiles on Hinge are filled out. You can view the answers of the users of their views on many topics. There is a quick “about me” section, which gives you a brief about a user. Each profile section has a heart which you can tap to send a like & an “X” icon to pass the profile.

Share Your Feedback On Your Dates

With an in ap feature, “We Met”, you can discretely provide feedback to the Hinge team about your date with a match. Located under the three dots in any of your conversations with matches, when you choose this option, the Hinge team will ask you whether you met the match in-person & went on a date.

Straight-forward App With All Accessible Icons

Hinge underwent a major change after being acquired by the Match group. With a much cleaner & appealing user interface, you can access any of its features on tap. Hinge app is available on Android & iOS for download. Preferred members can unlock more features with a subscription.

For people seeking long-term relationships & something real, with the Hinge app, you’ll be introduced only to the best people for you. After all, connecting with someone in person, is where it all starts.

Grindr, Grindr Dating App, Dating Apps For Men

Grindr – A Social Dating App for Men & its Notable Elements

An app specially designed for the curious men, Grindr set the trend apart with the launch in 2009. Since then, a positive word of mouth & positive reviews made the app reach 3.6 million daily users in 192 countries worldwide. Grindr is available on Google Play Store & iTunes App store. With many accolades, Grindr has grown to become one of the most sought after apps in the dating industry.

Grindr has recently sold the majority stake 98.5% for $608.5 million to San Vicente Acquisition Partners, a group of investors in technology & media. Grindr boasts of having the highest user engagement out of all dating apps.
Let’s find out what makes Grindr one of the most desirable apps amongst users

The Fuss-free Sign-up Process For New Users

Creating a new account for Grindr is quick & easy. You can easily log in via Facebook or your email account or even with a unique username & password. Grindr asks for a few basic information about you like name, birthdate, interests & age. You can also choose from a fascinating category of what you have been looking for.

Know The Location Of A Potential Match

The geo-targeting feature keeps users flocking back to Grindr. With the “send location” feature, you can have a rough idea of the proximity of your potential partner. Apart from the location, you can also check when the user was last active. Over the years Grindr has kept its interface as neat as possible without adding too many unwanted features.

Find A Match Anywhere & Stay Discreet

The ‘Explore’ feature of Grindr allows you to look for a member outside your country. You can chat or favorite them only when subscribed to premium services of Grindr. Another feature available for Android & iOS users, “discreet app icon” allows you to select the appearance of the Grindr app on your device.

Tap On What You Like The Most

You can see a flame icon on the right side of any profile. Just “tap” on the icon and let someone know you are interested in them without any conversation. If it catches their attention, who knows they might initiate a conversation themselves. Plus, with several emojis, you can easily convey your feelings without saying much.

Enjoy Ad-free Browsing With Grind-Xtra

Grindr offers most of its features for free but they come with ads. If you wish to send multiple photos, remove the ads, view more matches, or extend the search filters, Grindr offers Xtra services for premium users.

Send & Receive Messages For Free

You can connect with potential matches through messages or Tap feature. Many users tend to send a photo before chatting up. Messaging people within your country is free of cost. You can also filter your conversations to unread messages or favorite messages. If you wish to check if your message’s being read, you need a subscription.

What Do Users Think Of Grindr?

Grindr app is best for those men looking for casual meet-ups or friendship with the same gender, but those looking for a serious relationship might have to give a thought. With quick swapping, quick chatting & quick meet-ups, Grindr app matches millions of single users every day.

Bumble, Bumble Dating App

What Makes Bumble The Best Dating App For You?

Bumble has revolutionized the idea of dating by bringing about robust changes. Now you can start dating, make new possible friends, or expand your business network in a few clicks. Enjoy all these features in one app. Creating new connections is a way easy & fun with Bumble. With many useful updates, Bumble constantly seeks to add new features while safeguarding a user’s privacy.

How Does Bumble App Work?

Bumble app is available on Android & iOS supported devices. Once you download the app, you choose to create a Bumble account with your phone number or by connecting your Facebook account. Once you create a Bumble account, you get an account for Bumble Biz & Bumble BFF as well.

After you sign-up for Bumble, you are required to upload a photo of yourself or you can import a few pictures from Facebook. After your picture is uploaded, you are required to introduce yourself so that other users can get an idea about yourself. After signing-up & creating your account, you can choose what you want to do.

Why Is Bumble Better Than Other Apps?

With over 75 million registered users on Bumble, fostering relationships, finding a new buddy, or making empowered connections becomes easier under a single social networking platform on the Bumble app. Take a look at the features which make Bumble stand apart from other apps

Female-first approach on initiating a conversation

On Bumble, the woman has the command of starting a conversation within 24hrs once a match is made. The match would lapse if you don’t reply within 24hours. However, a guy can extend one match per day for another 24hrs by paying a substantial fee. But here too the girl has to initiate a conversation first.

Photo verification of all profiles

To avoid the number of fake profiles, Bumble has a feature to verify daters by taking a selfie of them copying a specific gesture on the screen. It is only then your profile is verified and you get to see the potential matches around you. If a match notices your profile isn’t verified yet, she can send you a verification request.

No additional cost of sign-up

Signing up & creating your profile is free of cost on the Bumble app. However, if you wish to reap the extra benefits of the app, you can pay a nominal fee & enjoy the premium features. You can browse the swiped profiles, extend an additional time-limit of 24hrs to see if the match still pings up or the rematch the potential suitor again.

The snooze mode when you’re unavailable

To encourage digital detox, Bumble has launched a “snooze mode” wherein you can hide your profile from all Bumble modes as long as you wish to. Pause your profile for 24hrs, 72hrs, a week, or indefinitely. You can also choose a status explaining your absence.

Don’t worry your existing matches will still be available when you’re back. With any dating app, the goal is to take things ahead and meet your possible date or soul-mate. Bumble is redefining the concept of online dating with its user-friendly approach & least scams.

Happn, Happn Dating App

Happn – A Dating App To Find Local Matches

Are you looking for the best partner somewhere in your locality? There is no need for going out of your house for striking up an interesting conversation with someone special. You can find that person from the dating app, Happn. We have now compiled some relevant and important information about this app. You will know how Happn is different from other apps.

How Does The Happn App Work?

Happn helps you in connecting with potential matches who are close to your locality. As those matches have shared their mutual interests, you can find the right person in your life. When both you and your partner have liked each other, it is better to start a conversation.

How To Use The App, Happn

While you are on the app dashboard, you can find a button, NOW in some profiles. It indicates that your location is close to those profile owners. However, to maintain privacy, the app does not display the information. When you are looking through profiles, you can show interest in one of them.

Click on the Heart icon of the men or women. If that person also clicks back the Heart icon, you can have a Crush. Then, you can send a message to those crushes.

Download the dating app and create an account using a Facebook account. The app needs your name, job, age range, gender, and other details. It is not compulsory to write for the section, About Me. However, we think that you must not leave the space. Write something creative and engaging in this space.

Happn App With Interesting And Unique Feature

The Map feature has made Happn different from other apps. This map displays the place, where you have met other users in the last week. You may also zoom in and zoom out the map. Another notable thing about this app is the CrushTime feature that enables you to place a game and develop a connection. This feature informs you that one of the Happn users has liked you, and you need to guess that user. To find singles easily, you can find another feature- I am Free To.

Can We Use Happn At Free Of Cost?

It is free to download Happn. However, you may buy subscription packages to get more advantages. The premium version helps you in controlling privacy in a better way. It also includes the Invisibility Mode to make a schedule for using the geolocation of Happn. For purchasing the subscription, you can see the member who has liked you. However, based on your location, you may find a difference in the premium membership cost.

Is Happn Safe For You?

Bots and scammers do not find it easy to create an account in Happn. They need to have a Facebook account to make their Happn profiles. However, you have to rely on your intelligence to find the right matches, serious in making a relationship. Overall, we can say that Happn is an innovative dating app. When you do not prefer the swiping activity in other dating apps, you can download Happn.

Match, Match Dating App, Dating App

Match Dating App – Find Your Perfect Match

The tech-savvy generation is highly dependent on the online world to find their dream partners. Although the App Store and Play Store are full of different dating apps, you can download the most distinguished ones for your purpose. Now, we are going to tell you about, one of the popular platforms for singles, looking for hookups.

Whether you are marriage-centric or hookup-centric, you will get the best value from using the app, From baby boomers to millennials, the dating app is a perfect choice for users of all ages.

Match Dating App- How Does It Work?

When you are downloading the Match dating app, you need to mention your gender. The app also requests you to inform the gender of your potential partner. There is also an option for choosing the age range of your partner. To use the app and send messages to your match, you need to buy a subscription package.

Now, as one of the subscribers, you can upload 26 photos and write a caption for them. In the bio section, the app presents you with more than 10 additional sections. While finding the match, you can click on the Discover section for scrolling down others’ profiles. Mutual Match is another feature, displaying profiles with traits preferable to you.

Ways of Using The Match Dating App

With the dating app, Match, you can locate your potential matches using the Nearby feature. To see all the matches at a time, you can go to the Discover tab. When you have liked one of the profiles, you may tap the heart icon. What If- It is another interesting feature to help you in finding profiles that go beyond your search criteria. For instance, you can choose a Match user who does not live in your locality.

Is Match The Best App For All Daters?

The mobile-friendly dating app, Match, is best for singles who are serious in building relationships. Lots of users at this dating platform have found their real love. They have started their romantic journey online and then ended up with a marital relationship.

Match – What Is Unique About This Dating App?’s team has made the best efforts to focus on its mission. They have found innovative ways that let you engage in a hookup, learn about your partner, and arrange a dating. The app users will get fun, as they can play some quick games. Those games come with different titles, including Drawn Together, Gut Reaction, Name That Dance, and Romantic Rip Off.

Furthermore, Match is one of the few dating apps, helping you to make preferences based on several variables- Gender, location, marital status, religion, children, profession, and dating intentions.

Match Dating App – Is it legit?

The team behind this dating app has refined the platform to ensure perfection. Moreover, affordable pricing has increased the success rate of this app. There is also a technical team to answer your queries at any time. Match is one of the legitimate apps for genuine daters.