Develop Real-time Chat App – Erlang vs Ejabberd Which Is Better

Instant Messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate on a real-time basis. With millions of messages being transmitted in a month, the big players like WhatsApp, WeChat Facebook & Viber are dominant in today’s communication market. A unique scripting language, high-performance web server, high-security & other sublime features make them stand apart from other apps.

The Noteworthy features common in the popular real-time chat application is the scripting language, Erlang and the web-server Ejabberd. You can develop a one-to-one chat app with the help of Erlang & Ejabberd.

Let’s dig in to know more about the Erlang & Ejabberd technology:


Developed in 1996 by Ericson Group, Erlang is a functional programming language. With built-in support for concurrency, distributed programming, and fault tolerance, Erlang is available as open source. Erlang is used in most of the places like:

  • Gaming companies
  • Social Media Companies
  • Financial Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Cloud Services Companies

Erlang is the chief programming language used to code WhatsApp. It is known to handle multiple threads at the same time without utilizing double CPU processing power. Erlang is appreciated for its performance, speed, and scalability. Over the years Erlang has gained immense popularity by building highly reliable & scalable services.


Developed in 2002, Ejabberd stands for Erlang Jabber Daemon. It is an XMPP (Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol) programming server which is written using the Erlang programming language. Ejabberd is the most widely used open-source platform by developers. Ejabberd runs on diverse operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

XMPP is the base of any chat app, enabling the user to send real-time messages on the go. With high reliability & sustainability, the Ejabberd server is the widely chosen server by developers. The architecture of Ejabberd includes features like:

  • One to one messaging
  • Group chat
  • Message archives management
  • Store & forward offline messages
  • Message delivery receipts
  • User profiles
  • Contact list
  • Last activity, Privacy settings & many more.

Ejabberd is more than just an XMPP. With unique modular structure & highly versatility, Ejabberd has become a core component for messaging applications to transfer more than just text messages.

Thus, the technical stack of Erlang & Ejabberd is the main source of developing a real-time chat app. With a feasible programming language & efficient server, it becomes easier to operate the chat application with real-time communication.

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